Regular Activities

New issue for 2020

The Golden Guide is produced by NCC, Northumbria Healthcare and Age UK and it is free. It is full of information for the older person, if you wish a copy you can contact the above organisations or contact NCVA, details on the "HOME" page, get yours NOW

We now do monthly trips for our members using WATBUS The transport is free all the member pays for is their lunch and entry fees where applicable. Below is the transport used for the trips and yes they can cater for the disabled when required.
The provisional outings for 2020 are as follows - 
April - Milkhope Centre and Cheese Farm.
May - Rose Inn at Walsend + another venue TBA.
June - Tyne Riverboat trip taking in the coutryside.
July - Northumberland Zoo.
Aug/Sept - Berwick.

Road Safety and the Over 50's in Northumberland - Two websites  you may wish to visit for info -
You can get your Road safety leaflets from Les Gilbert, Northumberland County Council Local Services.

Energy Awareness
Mr Josh Sawyer of NEA (Action for warm homes) will give free advice and help on changing your heating firm or advice on heating your home. He is based at NEA, West One, Level Six (Elswick), Forth Banks, Newcastle - Upon - Tyne. NE1 3PA.
Direct line - 0191 2692941
Mobile - 07540758299
Email -
So if you need his help on heating your home please contact the gentleman.

Older People Actively Learning (OPAL)
This is an organisation set up in 2018 to give people the availability to actively get involved in music appreciation, humour, nostalgia, quizzes whist, trivial pursuits and many more and it is free the items below are where you can go to participate ;-

So if you are interested go and join them.

If you can help please do so.

Coronavirus Information

Support the Golden Age Forum buy buying tickets for the Northumberland Lottery and help a good cause. The tickets are £1 each which is drawn weekly on a Saturday. If you want to participate go to and of the £1 for the ticket, 50p goes to GAF. You will need to pay by Direct Debit and it is a weekly draw. So why not buy a ticket and help the GAF cause. GOOD LUCK !

Other Activities

This is an Event which some of the members went to on the 7th November 2014 at the C of E Academy At Ashington (formerly the Ashington Hirst High School). It run from 10am until 12.30pm and was enjoyed by all. The event consisted of the bringing together young and older generations to celebrate world history and remember the efforts of people who fought in WW1 and WW2.

Some members went to "Step in Spring" event at Northumberland Close at Ashington on the 26th  March 2015, it was on from 1030 am until 1 pm. As you can see there is a formidable lady who was acting as "bouncer". The event was organised by NCVA and Aging Well in Northumberland with several presentation tables for the public to see  and voice their opinions of the venue and event.

Winter Warmer

This was held on the 12th December 2015 at AGE UK's Roundhouse at Ashington it started at 10.30 am and finished at 1 pm. There were 14 stallholders there which gave information and help to the public from health items to security to the older generation. One of the venues that WGAF want to promote and help the elder community.

Ageing Well Conference.

Ageing Well 1st conference took place at C of E Josephine Butler Primary Campus at Ashington. The agenda above shows the activities which were given and our chairperson, Mr Tom Roll won an award for the "Four Candles Award" see a photo of Tom in the "Gallery" site showing his certification. Well done Tom! There were 7 workshops to choose 2 for each individual which each person who was there participated in. It was a good venue all round.

Stepping into Spring Event
The above took place at Ashington Hirst Park pavillion on 23rd April 2016, it was on from 10,30am until 2pm with different organisations there giving help and information to the public.

If you are a unpaid carer and need advice or help contact Carers Northumberland above, you can also register with them. THEY ARE THERE TO HELP!
This was held at Newbiggin, Long Park, Womens Institute building on Thursday 20th of October 2016 and according to the feedback we received it was a great success. Many of the public got information which was relevant to them. This like the "Stepping into Spring" is run once a year.

Outings with WATBUS
Apart from the shopping trips WGAF also started outings once a month to areas which the members asked to go to, in 2016 the went to the following places:-
May - Bambrugh and Craster.
June - Cragside.
July - Beamish Museum.
August - Wallington Hall.
September - Lindisfarne (Holy Island).
October - Ouseburn Galleries.
November - Metro Centre.
December - Xmas Market at Durham.
In 2017 we went to -
March -Alnwick Gardens.
April - Hancock museum and Biscuit Factory (Art venue) at Newcastle.
May - Sunderland Glass Centre and Winter Garden.
June - Beamish Museum.
July - Washington Wetland Centre
September - Sunderland Air,Land and Sea Museum.
November - Azure Garden Centre and Metro Centre.
In 2018 we went to - 
June - Tynemouth and North Shields
July - Howick Hall and Craster.
September - Crook Hall
November  - Metro Centre and Azure garden centre.
In 2019 we went to - 
July - Whitley Bay.
November - Metro Centre (Xmas shopping).
December - Azure Grotto and Xmas Lunch.
In 2021 we went to
May - Alnwick Garden Centre.